Along with some top-notch new batches, we've got a quartet of brand new bottlings from Reservoir Distillery!

We've got plenty of new releases for you lucky folks today, so grab your glasses and get ready for some deliciousness - including four different expressions all from the same distillery...

The aforementioned distillery is the Reservoir Distillery in Virginia, and the four expressions explore the profiles of three major grains used in bourbon production. The initial three are each made with a single grain - there's a 100% Corn bottling, a 100% Rye bottling and a 100% Wheat bottling - while the Bourbon is a combination of these three grains. Each expression has been aged for 2 years before we bottled it up.

We've also got another first for you today - our first blend of Scottish and Japanese whisky! This 21 year old expression is made from Scottish and Japanese malt and grain whiskies, and has been bottled at 43% ABV. 1,100 bottles were produced, each featuring a dragon and a lion on the label, seemingly getting ready to fight. Honestly though, if a fight between a lion and a dragon did happen, the dragon would clearly win. It can spit fire.

With all these new whiskies, perhaps it's time for something old? Very old, perhaps? With that in mind, take a peek at our fourth batch of Miltonduff, which has been aged for 40 years! Boasting a dark hue and an ABV of 47%, there are only 478 bottles of this whisky, so grab one while you can!

The second batch of our Blended Malt #3 ready to hit the stage! This wonderful 'teaspooned' malt is a 21 year old expression, made almost entirely with whisky from one distillery (alongside a touch of whisky from a different distillery). 1,323 bottles were produced.

We've also got the newest batch of Ardmore single malt bottled up for you to sink your teeth into! This time, we've bottled a 14 year old whisky from the distillery, and it's definitely one for those of you who love your peaty treats. A release of 582 bottles.

And finally, say hello to our latest batch of Glen Elgin! This 22 year old single malt is an enjoyably spicy tipple, with enough banoffee pie notes to balance it all out. We've got 434 bottles ready for you to crack open.

These marvellous whiskies are available from fine retailers at the following recommended retail prices:

  • Reservoir Corn Batch 1, 2 Year Old - £54.95
  • Reservoir Rye Batch 1, 2 Year Old - £54.95
  • Reservoir Wheat Batch 1, 2 Year Old - £54.95
  • Reservoir Bourbon Batch 1, 2 Year Old - £54.95
  • Blended Whisky Batch 1, 21 Year Old - £119.95
  • Miltonduff Batch 4, 40 Year Old - £194.95
  • Blended Malt #3 Batch 2, 21 Year Old - £77.95
  • Ardmore Batch 2, 14 Year Old - £61.95
  • Glen Elgin Batch 2, 22 Year Old - £83.95

Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.