Glen Elgin

Glen Elgin B1.jpg
Glen Elgin B1.jpg

Glen Elgin


Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest batch: 1

Released: March 2017

Latest Batch Age: 25 Year Old

Latest Batch Size: 315

Latest Batch ABV: 48.1%

RRP: £98.95

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Glen Elgin was one of the last distilleries to be built in the 19th Century, but the infamous marble smuggler Lord Elgin, pictured alongside his magnificent white steed on our label, wouldn't have known the distillery during his lifetime as he died some 57 years before it was founded.

His horse, however, went on to build a distillery named after his master, as well as produce his own legendary label of Blended Scotch Whisky. Such a clever wee horse (this may not be an accurate statement)

Tasting notes:

Nose:  Surprisingly youthful for a quarter of a century in oak. Rich honey, pineapple cubes, and a hint of tangerine. 

Palate: Sweet, with chocolate Digestive biscuits drizzled with honey. Tangerines more prominent on the palate and there’s plenty of ginger too.

Finish: The ginger lasts well into the finish while malty pencil shavings bring announce themselves at the very end. Delicious!