Ardmore B1.jpg
Ardmore B1.jpg



Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest Batch: 1

Latest Batch Age: 10 Years Old

Released: July 2016

Latest Batch Size: 350

Latest Batch ABV: 55.5%

RRP: £54.95

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For our very own bottling of Ardmore single malt Scotch whisky, we're bestowing upon you a wealth of knowledge all about casks! We've frozen a cask full of whisky in time, taken it apart (leaving a pleasing, floating oblate spheroid section of whisky) and labelled all of the casks parts, from the chime hoop all the way to the particularly musty bung cloth. Knowledge is power, as they say. 

Tasting notes:

Nose: A balanced nose of cake and bacon. We're sure there's a portmanteau to be had there...

Palate:  Brown sugar, cinnamon, anise and underlying notes of earthy peat.

Finish: A sweet and slightly salty finish with pistachio.