The doors open on Friday evening at 1800 and we'll be there with an incredible line up that looks exactly like this.

It's the first time out for many of these releases so there's plenty to tempt you. Spend your tokens wisely, it's recommended that you spend them early in the show, when your palate is fresh and the 'under the counter' bottles are full! (they're not really under the counter, they'll be in full display!

For your WHITE token why not try a drop of our Blended Malt #2 Batch 2. Contractually, we can't tell you too much about this batch, apart from it's exceedingly yummy! WIth a rrp of around £100 you can safely assume some long aged malts in this blend.

An ORANGE Token will buy you a taste of some long aged Longmorn, it's 25 Years Old and has notes of honey'd malt, chocolatey puddings and a hint of slated crackers. There are just 84 bottles of this batch too.

For a BLACK Token with brought along something almost as rare as rocking horse poo. A 42 Year Old Single Grain from the very short lived Garnheath Distillery. They closed their doors in 1985 so this is now known as 'Liquid History'.

The rest of the table brings Single Malts from Bavaria with a 3 Year Old from the Slyrs Distillery, an 8 Year Old from the Miltonduff Distillery, an 9 Year Old from a Secret Speyside Distillery, a 14 Year Old from and Irish distillery and and 18 Year Old Ledaig from Tobermory.

Our other Blended Malts, or 'tea-spooned malts' (as they should be called) will be coming along too. Blended Malt #1, a 23 Year Old and Blended Malt #3, a 19 Year Old. DOn't know about tea-spooning? Best ask those Boutique-y Whisky chaps at the show.

Grain whisky is also represented by our Tiddlywinking Champion, a Cameronbridge 24 Year Old....ooooh you lucky, lucky people!

Slyrs B1.jpg
Miltonduff B2.jpg
Secret Distillery 1 B2.jpg
Irish Single Malt 2 B1.jpg
Ledaig B3.jpg
Cameronbridge B1.jpg
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 1 B2.jpg
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 3 B1.jpg
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 2 B2.jpg
Longmorn B2.jpg
Garnheath B1.jpg

We'll also be there on Saturday and Sunday too, and will be jolly well worn out by the end of it. If our voices have gone by Saturday evening we'll be using sign language on Sunday....

For full details and tickets check out the organisers at London Whisky Weekend