We'll be heading to Guildford on Saturday 20th May with a selection of our whiskies for The Whiskey Affair's third event of 2017

We've decided to bring an eclectic selection of recent releases with Single Malts from across Europe; A 3 Year Old from the Bavarian Slyrs  Distillery, A 5 Year Old English Whisky from the Norfolk distillery. A 6 Year Old Millstone from the Dutch distillery Zuidam, and we couldn't leave out a Scotland, so will have an 8 Year Old from Speyside's Miltonduff Distillery.

From USA we'll be bringing a 2 Year Old Rye from the Californian craft distillers St George Spirit

We'll be bringing along the Cambus 24 Year Old Single Grain too. It's been very popular and selling out at recent Whiskey Affair Festivals.

St George B1.jpg
Slyrs B1.jpg
English Whisky Co B1.jpg
Millstone B1.jpg
Miltonduff B2.jpg
Cambus B2.jpg

For tickets and all the information, head over to The Whiskey Affair's website