After a full service over the festive period the TBWC bottling plant has been hard at work throughout January, and we’ve a bumper batch of releases to announce! So many in fact, we think this will need two posts, so don’t forget to tune in for tomorrow’s news!

Two Teaspoon'd Malts

It’s long been said that a teaspoon of whisky keeps old age away,* and fortunately for us, a teaspoon of whisky has been added to each of these two releases!

Our second batch of Blended Malt #1 is a 23 Year Old, and a release of just 409 bottles at 48.8% abv. Made using whisky from a much loved Speyside distillery, but before laying down for maturation, a drop of whisky from a second distillery is added, thus stopping us releasing at as a single malt under the distillery’s name. With notes of apple pies and cinnamon rolls, our spoon enthusiasts are really digging it.

We’ve also uncovered a new Blended Malt, and we shall call this #3. You could say it’s a photo negative of Blend #1. It’s another Speysider, and from one of the most popular distilleries in the world, has been ‘teaspooned’ with another delicious single malt. Our first batch is a 19 Year Old, and a release of just 270 bottles at 50.2% abv. It’s creamy and aromatic with spiced sultanas and a little cooked banana which our spoon enthusiasts are really rocking out to!

*Disclaimer: We cannot in any way, shape, or form, guarantee that a teaspoon of whisky will prolong life or indeed keep old age away. However the bottle should last longer if you’re only drinking a teaspoon each day rather than a standard single measure unless you’re very careless pouring into your teaspoon.

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 1 B2.jpg
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 3 B1.jpg

Our first ever Irish Whiskeys announced!

Irish eyes will be smiling at these latest Boutique-y Whiskey releases after a recent trip to the Emerald Isle proved fruitful with our first two Irish Single Malt Whiskeys

For the springtime of life is the sweetest of all. There is ne'er a real care or regret, and while springtime is ours throughout all of youth's hours, let us smile each chance we get.

Well we’re all smiles at Boutique-y HQ with the release of our first Irish Single Malt Whiskey, and what’s better than one Irish Whiskey? Two Irish Whiskeys of course!

Irish Single Malt #1 has spent the last 24 years quietly maturing until we managed to get it into the bottling plant. We’ve squeezed just 264 bottles at 46.8% abv for this first batch. With notes of ripe juicy nectarines and barley sugar, this classic style has been taken to new heights with this long maturation. The inspiration for this label comes from Craggy Island itself.

Our second Irish Single Malt, appropriately labelled ‘#2’ is a 14 Year Old, and has notes of Brazil nuts, leather, and sherried peels. There’s 357 bottles at 46.8% of this first batch, and our label features Irishman Aeneas Coffey being turned away by the Irish who much preferred their pot stills. I wonder where poor old Anneas ended up afterwards?

Irish Single Malt 1 B1.jpg
Irish Single Malt 2 B1.jpg

These mouth-watering malts will be available from fine retailers soon.
Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.