As we promised yesterday, here are the rest of our new releases after January’s bottling frenzy. Today we have two new ‘firsts’ and a handful of third batches to tempt to you.

Two new names for you

First up is our Peatside, a peated blended malt Scotch whisky made to a secret recipe that is strictly kept under lock and key. Our first batch of this peaty blended malt has been bottled at 5 years old and has fragrant notes of magnolia and green tea alongside the smoky peat you’d be expecting. Batch 1 is a release of just 331 bottles at 55% abv

Next, is our first ever batch under the Williamson label, a nod to someone special from a famous Islay distillery. You may recognise those LivingRoom Whisky chaps on the label of this heavily peated single malt, we can’t get rid of them, they keep coming back to the future. We’ve bottled this 6 Year Old at 50.2% abv, and alongside that peaty iodine tang there are some fruity BBQ sauce notes too. We’ve filled just 595 bottles.

Peatside B1.jpg
Williamson B1.jpg

A whole bunch of Batch 3’s too

We’ve got five new Batch 3’s to shout about today, we’re in that sort of mood. There's a Single Grain alongside four Scottish Single Malts, two hailing from Speyside, and two from the Highland region. (which is a very large region indeed) In fact we could say we’re announcing four Highland Malts as all Speyside Malts are indeed Highland Malts...yawn...we’re such pedants!

The Glenrothes Distillery has long been favoured by blenders, and it wasn’t until 1994 that they decided to start bottling their own single malt. There’s said to be a ghost at the distillery that had been telling them to release their own single malt for so many years. Perhaps that’s why he’s looking so pleased with himself on our label. Our third batch is a 25 Year Old, it’s creamy and rather luxurious with notes of coconut cookies and tinned peaches. It has been bottled at 49.7% abv and we’ve squeezed just 139 bottles of this long aged malt

Our second Speysider hails from the Mortlach Distillery, a favourite of many whisky enthusiasts and affectionately known as the ‘Beast of Dufftown’ due to the ‘meatiness’ this malt often exhibits. Our third batch is an 18 Year Old that reveals its meaty notes alongside layers of vanilla pod sweetness. There are just 363 bottles at 48.9% abv.

Glenrothes B3 (1).jpg
Mortlach B3.jpg

Our third batch of Ledaig, the peated expression from the Isle of Mull’s Tobermory Distillery, is an 18 Year Old, and is of course yummy, with notes of steak crisps, cooked apple and crushed pepper. We’ve managed to fill 921 bottles at 51.7% abv

We’ve also bottled a third batch from that adaptable Loch Lomond Distillery too. We managed to sneak this 19 Year Old sumptuous single grain out from under the noses of the wizards. Big waves of vanilla ice cream and coffee liqueur and a hint of chocolate on the nose, mmmm, tempted? There are just 267 bottles at 49.7% abv. of this release.

Our final announcement for this two-part post is an 18 Year Old from the Macduff Distillery, perhaps we should have led with this batch? (lead on Macduff!) This third batch is a limited release of just 372 bottles at 48.6% abv and is packed with vanilla and malt; sweet and cakey and subtly herbal.

Ledaig B3.jpg
Loch Lomond B3.jpg
Macduff B3.jpg

These Boutique-y belters will be available from fine retailers real soon. Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.