Just when you thought it was safe to look at our blog without being tempted to add more delicious whiskies to your collection, we unleash 11 more new bottlings!

We continue to be very busy bees indeed. Did you think it was impressive that we released 11 new bottlings in the shortest month of the year? Well guess what? We're going to double that number - yes, we've got 11 more bottlings to unveil!

Liquid History with three Long Gone Glorious Grains!

That's right, we've bottled three single grains from closed distilleries. Our second batch from Edinburgh's long closed grain distillery, affectionately know as 'The Cally' is a 29 Year Old. The Caledonian distillery closed in 1988, and this cracking example of their single grain has notes of fresh fruit and vanilla pod. There are just 310 bottles at 47.7% abv

The Garnheath Distillery was a short-lived distillery in Airdrie. When opened in 1965, it had both continuous stills and pot stills for malt whisky production.  Production of their malt whisky stopped in 1985 and grain whisky the following year. Our first batch is a 42 Year Old, it has notes of buttery vanilla and apricots. We've filled just 120 bottles at 44.3% abv, but what's going on on this label?

Our second batch from the Carsebridge distillery is another 52 Year Old. Tristan Stephenson and Thomas Aske have been joined at the Black Rock's tree trunk table by Black Rock Operations Manager Arnaud Chevalier and Black Rock Manager Thomas Solberg! 285 bottles were produced, bottled at 41.7% abv.

Caledonian B2.jpg
Garnheath B1.jpg
Carsebridge B2.jpg

A Campbeltown Malt, a Lowland Malt, and an American Rye walk into a bar...

There's no punchline to that joke. All we've got it tasty drinks for talented distillers - much better than some pithy quip, we're sure you'll agree. First up is our third batch of single malt from Campletown's very own Springbank distillery! This one is a 21 year old whisky, and it tastes as good as it looks... 415 bottles were produced, and were bottled at 48.2% abv.

We'd also like to introduce you to our first batch of Bladnoch single malt! It was aged for 26 years, and we have bottled 165 bottles at 47.8% abv. The label takes a closer look yeast cells, and a very broad look at the Andromeda galaxy.

Another first - it's our first rye from California's craft distilling whizz-kids, St George Spirits! This is a 2 year old rye, and the features what we think should have been Time Magazine's Machine of the Year 1982 - Jörg Rupf's still. 400 bottles were produced at 55% abv.

Springbank B3.jpg
Bladnoch B1.jpg
St George B1.jpg

A Pair of Islay Malts...

We've set our sights off the west coast of Scotland for the next two new releases - it's two whiskies from the Isle of Islay! Say hello to our third batch of Lagavulin single malt, aged for 10 years. Those pirates do look mightily familiar though... There are just 365 bottles of this, so grab yourself one for your Captain's Quarters before they're all gone.

Our third batch of Bruichladdich is ready to ship out, too! There's no prizes for figuring out all the references to classic Bruichladdich bottlings on the label, apart from the feeling of being very smart indeed. Batch 3 is a release of 275 bottles, with an abv of 52.4%.

Lagavulin B3.jpg
Bruichladdich B3.jpg

And a Pair of Speysiders too!

From Islay, we head back to the mainland and over to Speyside for two more tasty bottlings! This one is Batch 4 from The Glenrothes Distillery, a 23 Year Old with notes of blackcurrants, blackberries and dried apricots - there are three of your five-a-day already (we are not doctors). 430 bottles at 48.6% abv have been filled, corked and sealed.

Our fourth batch from The Mortlach Distillery is a 22 Year Old, and there are just 200 bottles of this release. It’s another beast from Dufftown, bottled at 52.6% abv, with peaches, fresh pencil shavings, polished wood and a meaty honeyed glaze.

Glenrothes B4.jpg
Mortlach B4.jpg

Another Secret Distillery?

Have you noticed we like a secret once in a distillery? We do. Very much so. In fact, we love them so much that we're not even going to tell you about our second batch of Secret Distillery #1. We're going to keep this incredibly well-Sherried 9 year old single malt from a fantastic Speyside distillery a secret from everyone. Not a word about this rich, chocolatey whisky will leave our lips. We won't even tell you that 1,220 bottles were produced, or that it was bottled at 51.7% abv.

Secret Distillery 1 B2.jpg

These delicious delights will be available from fine retailers soon. Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.