Within the constraints of detail allowed by EU law (fume), we're going to be adding age statements to all of our future releases.

A pretty huge u-turn, no? Well. yes, but the time has come. It's actually something we've been planning for a while, but the latest gong-banging in the name of transparency was the final motivation we needed to get our fingers out.

When we started on our noble mission, we often had releases which had a huge range of aged liquid in them - often varying by up to 30 years within a single batch. The only constraint we had was that the liquid had to be excellent, and justify its place in the line up. At the time, and especially given the nonsensical legislation that dictates the ages that are allowed to be shown on a bottle*, that would have meant having to quote an age which would have totally belied the quality of the liquid and would have been a distraction. So, we decided to sack off the whole age statement business altogether. This is much less the case now, and our releases tend to have more consistency in the ages, and so the minimum age is much more representative of the batch.

We don't regret the previous policy, because we think that the whiskies have been able to speak for themselves. The reception they've received and awards they've won have all been incredible. This didn't come without cost though, and there has always been a low level rumble of disapproval, on the basis that if we’re not putting age statements on, then we must have something to hide.

That has now become somewhat of a distraction in its own right now, so the time is right to lift our skirts up and show you what we're working with.

So here we go (note that the first three are brand new distilleries) - take this:

And yes, there's some young stuff in there too. Our same filter applies - these are in the line up because they are EXCELLENT (in fact, some of the relative youngsters are the most exciting of this release), and for no other reason. That's integrity right there - ZGRUPPP!

P.S. thank goodness for this.

*legally only the youngest whisky in each bottle can be declared - we’re not allowed to tell you any of the older ones in any context for any reason, lest it be construed as ‘marketing’.