...The last speaker being Compass Box, with their campaign for Scotch whisky transparency.

Actually - shit - they're not the last speaker any more. Bruichladdich have very bravely come out in support of the campaign. This is a bandwagon we need to jump on quick-smart, or else no one will use any of our quotes...

Being serious for a minute (and not a second longer - promise), it's about bloody time somebody said what everybody was thinking, and huge kudos goes to Compass Box for crossing the Rubicon. 

It has been an enormous source of frustration to us that it's not been possible to focus on making the blend we want to make - putting the quality of the liquid before the marketability of the headline age statement - without some nonsense rule forcing us to either conceal the age of the whisky altogether, or stick an age statement on the label which totally belies the quality of the blend (in the minds of those that equate age directly with quality, at least). It makes us downright grumpy, and we're normally fairly upbeat sorts.

If you're similarly minded, then please share the gospel and register your support here.

I make that one minute exactly...

Now, for those interested, we've knocked up some quotes that are yours to use as you please.

"We wholeheartedly support the objective of the campaign, and the mechanism proposed."

"Lack of transparency in whisky labelling is straight up whack, yo."

"We would strip to the waist (bottom half) and conga through a field full of predatory divorcees for the opportunity to label our whiskies transparently."

"Compass Box and the growing list of those that are coming out in support of this campaign have gained our utmost respect for having made the move."

"Has anyone seen my bicycle? I'm sure I left it chained to that 2CV somewhere around here."

"Our blood is up, and we're committing resource to helping to fight this great big nonsense."