Teamwork is an excellent thing. Without teamwork, what would the dynamic duos of the world do with their lives? They’d just be a pair of confused though charming characters wearing un-matching costumes, tripping over each other and bumping their heads together as they try to save the day. No cats would be saved from trees. Banks would get robbed. Solo supervillains would rule the world. Teamwork is important.

With that in mind, you may have seen this little bundle of awesomeness out and about - the Drinks by the Dram That Boutique-y Whisky Company Tasting Set! Those daring chaps picked out five of our most excellent recent bottlings (all with age statements), turned them into 3cl drams and packed ‘em up into their handsome little boxes. The sticker on the box even has bricks on it, and we love our bricks almost as much as Father Jack loves his.

As is often bellowed in newsrooms across the world, “News never sleeps”. As such, there’s even more Boutique-y news to pack into this blog post - we’ve got two new bottlings! Feast your eyes on the first batch of our Islay Blended Malt #1, a 23 year old treat celebrating the feats of peat.

Yes, we put our blending hats on and created a cracking blended malt exclusively with Islay malt whiskies. As you might guess, it’s quite a peaty expression indeed, hence why the label features the timeline of peat. Sort of. It mostly just sits there for years and gets a bit taller before someone comes along, digs it up and burns it. The end. Though that story wasn’t exactly the most thrilling (apart from the “burning it” part), we’re pretty excited about this one.

We’ve also gone and bottled our sixth batch of Invergordon! We got our hands on a massively chocolatey 42 year old single grain from Invergordon for this batch, so if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, this’ll be the one for you. Also, people keep telling us the diagram on the label is wrong, but we reckon that’s just people on the internet being people on the internet.

That’s all for today. As you were. The news is now allowed to sleep, but beware - the news sleeps with one eye open.