It almost sounds like an Enid Blyton title doesn't it? Ms Blyton wrote a series of Famous Five and Secret Seven books from the 1940's, perhaps Ms Blyton favoured odd numbers. There's nothing odd about today's blog post as we announce a Sensational Six new releases that includes a brace (not odd either) of new labels to boot!

The first of our two new labels heralds our first ever batch from the Tamnavulin distillery, and what a way to start! A 25 Year Old bottled at 47.5% abv. There are just 68 bottles of this fragrant, fruity single malt. It's tasty too, again coming across as fruity with ripe melon and persimmons while peppery spices add interest.

Our second sparkly new label is for our first batch from the Dalmore distillery, and it's another long aged release. There are just 32 bottles of our 27 Year Old! Bottled at 47.5% abv this single malt opens with a Fry’s Turkish Delight sweetness followed by waves of pepper, while chocolatey orange notes develop later...mmmm lush!

It's been a long time since our last batch from Auchentoshan was released, March 2013 to be precise. So, it's with much excitement we announce our third batch from the only Scottish distillery to currently triple distil every drop of spirit. Our latest release is a 25 Year Old, a batch of just 135 bottles. This complex single malt has many layers to entertain before leaving a mint chocolate note that seems to go on forever.

All the way from Arkansas we have a second batch of Bourbon from the Rock Town distillery. It's just one year old but just look at that gorgeous depth of colour. This Bourbon has a cherry theme running through the tasting notes, starting baked on the nose, liquor on the palate, and lasts long into the palate There are just 190 bottles.

Our second batch from the Glenallachie distillery has been bottled as an 8 Year Old. We've filled 231 bottles at 53.9% abv and you can expect to find crisp orchard fruits, ginger biscuits and sherbet lemons. on the nose, while the palate brings maltier notes, cigar box, leather ginger and a pinch of nutmeg.

Lastly, there's a good helping of peat from our fourth batch of Port Charlotte Bottled at 13 Years Old, there are just 182 bottles of this meaty, peaty and coastal Islay malt. We found Frazzles on the nose, along with forest floor pine needles, dry slate, a salty sea breeze and an oily smoke. 

Tamnavulin B1.jpg
Tamnavulin B1.jpg
Dalmore 27 Year Old - Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company).jpg
Dalmore B1.jpg
Auchentoshan 25 Year Old - Batch 3 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company).jpg
Auchentoshan B3.jpg
Rock Town B2.jpg
Rock Town B2.jpg
Glenallachie 8 Year Old - Batch 2 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company).jpg
Glenallachie B2.jpg
Port Charlotte B4.jpg
Port Charlotte B4.jpg

This handful of heavenly goodies are available from fine retailers at the following recommended retail prices:

  • Tamnavulin Batch 1, 25 Year Old - £114.95
  • Dalmore Batch 1, 27 Year Old - £229.95
  • Auchentoshan Batch 3, 25 Year Old - £132.95
  • Rocktown Batch 2, 1 Year Old - £59.95
  • Glenallachie Batch 2, 8 Year Old - £62.95
  • Port Charlotte Batch 2, 12 Year Old - £123.95

Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.