Have a gander at a dynamic duo of new grain whiskies which we’ve just bottled!

Look, we’ve bottled a pair of new grain whiskies! What a perfect situation for those among us that love delicious grain whiskies as well as for those among us that are writing a blog post about these two whiskies and looking for a theme to run through it. 

Here’s our very first batch of Port Dundas - a 25 year old single grain from a distillery that is sadly no more. However, that’s not going to stop us bottling their whisky, no siree! The label shows a variety of grains which have been used in the production of single grain, including a couple of our favourites like Blue Corn (makes a great tortilla chip when it’s not being used in whisky) and Triticale (a close relative to Quadrotriticale - a top treat for tribbles).

We’ve also got our second batch of Girvan single grain Scotch whisky, aged for 52 years. Friar John looks somewhat wary of the rotovap being installed, but then again, he’s never seen one of them before and just had it plonked down in front of him by a time-traveller! It’s understandable to be a touch confused about the entire situation. Nevertheless, we’re sure he’s excited at the prospect of continuing to produce spirit from 1495 to 2016 to produce just as much spirit as the Girvan distillery does on any day of the week.

These two treats are available from fine retailers now. Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.