Fancy winning yourself a bottle of our Macallan 29 Year Old? Enter our competition by picking up a bottle of our Majestic Wines exclusive That Boutique-y Whisky Company Blended Whisky #2 Batch 1 and uncovering the clues on the label!

Are you a code-cracker with a fondness for fantastic whisky? We’re running a competition with the fine folks from Majestic Wines, purveyors of many fine wines, spirits and beers, and you could win yourself one of the three bottles of our Macallan 29 Year Old that are up for grabs!

If you’ve been to a Majestic Wines shop recently and taken a stroll by the whisky section, you may have seen our marvellous Majestic Wines exclusive bottling of Blended Whisky #2 18 Year Old Batch 1. A tasty expression (if we do say so ourselves), filled with lemon drizzle cake, chewy toffee and oatcake notes. However, there’s more to the charming graphic-novel-style label than meets the eye with this one…

The label features seven cryptic clues which, when deciphered, will reveal the identity of the distilleries that produced the whiskies in the bottle. To enter the competition, buy a bottle of Blended Whisky #2 18 Year Old Batch 1 from Majestic Wines and send a tweet with the names of the seven distilleries, the unique number of your bottle of Blended Whisky #2 18 Year Old Batch 1 and a picture of you holding your open bottle to @MajesticWine and @BoutiqueyWhisky. The face you make in the photo is up to you. Smile, raise one eyebrow like a famous wrestler, have a biscuit in your mouth, whatever. You can find the Terms & Conditions here.

The first three correct entries will win one of the bottles of 29 Year Old Macallan, worth over £500! Go on, put your Sherlock Holmes deerstalker and Poirot moustache on and figure out this conundrum!