We've got two secret single malts to announce today, one from Speyside and one from Islay. The distillery names shall not be mentioned at all, so please don't ask!

The first is long aged single malt from Speyside - our first ever batch from Speyside Distillery #1 is a 50 year old! That's right, this treacle-coloured malt has been slumbering for over half a century. Just 604 bottles were filled at 48.6% abv.

The second secret hails from Islay. It's our first batch under the Islay Distillery #3 label, but you may recognise the artwork... It's a heavily peated 7 Year Old, so you can expect plenty of those yummy medicinal notes here. Bottled at 49.2% abv, we've filled just 830 bottles.

Speyside #1 50 Year Old - Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company).jpg
Speyside #1 B1.jpg
Islay #3 7 Year Old - Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company).jpg
Islay Single Malt 3 B1.jpg

These marvellous malts are available from fine retailers at the following recommended retail prices:

  • Speyside Distillery #1 50 Year Old - £609.95
  • Islay Distillery #3, 7 Year Old - £47.95

Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.