We've got three new releases to wave our flag about today, and waving our flag is exactly what we're doing right now. Can you see us? We're giddy with excitement with these new batches; Two Single Grains, and a Single Malt from a long closed Islay distillery, but it'll be raining grain at all three sites right now.

Port Ellen is sadly no longer a working distillery, it closed in 1983. However it'll still be raining grain there as its maltings, opened in 1974, remains in operation. It now supplies the majority of Islay's Distilleries with their requirements, produced to their exact specifications. Our sixth batch is a 33 Year Old, bottled at 47.5% abv with just 250 bottles filled. It has everything you'd expect from this legendary distillery, including the earthy smoke that seems to last for an eternity.

Port Ellen B6.jpg

We've got two new single grains to announce too. Our third batch from the Girvan Distillery is a 53 Year Old, which is very old. It's almost as old as the distillery itself, as spirit only started flowing at this Ayrshire dsitillery on Christmas Day 1963, which is an odd day to start work. There are just 278 bottles at 41.5% abv from this release.

We're onto Batch 13 from the Invergordon Distillery, and whilst the number 13 is considered to be unlucky for some, there'll be 453 lucky whisky fans who'll be able to grab a bottle of this gorgeous grain. Bottled at 49.6% abv this is a real sweetie, with notes of Demerara sugar, and sawn hardwood on the nose.

Girvan B3.jpg
Invergordon B13.jpg


This trio of tempting treats will be available from fine retailers soon. Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.