With 2017 well underway, it’s time to get the Boutique-y bottling plant restarted and announce our first releases of the year.

First up, a 15 Year Old, and our second batch from this secret Highland distillery. Do you remember discovering Secret Distillery #2 from 2016? Well we’ve extracted another secret from them; a 15 year old single malt secret. The sixteen terrifying ‘swan men’ are back (some say they’re from Spain, but we’re not so sure) but why are we looking through rose tinted glasses at them, and why are they looking back at us with those googly eyes? What we can tell you about this mysterious malt is that with it’s pinkish ruddy hue, and rich and spicy nose, there are notes of cinnamon buns, rich Dundee marmalade and hints of nutmeg. Oh, and there are just 124 bottles available at 51% abv.

The second new release is our fourth batch from the Glen Keith Distillery and the first carrying an age statement. This 24 Year Old has been bottled at 49.7% abv and there are just 335 bottles. The label features the lads from The Edinburgh Whisky Blog in front of the castle, but can you spot the difference between this label and batch 3? (apart from the batch number, age statement, and abv of course - nobody likes a smartass!)

Glen Keith is not often seen as a single malt being reserved for the blending industry, so this 24 Year Old is something of a rarity and has those delicate light notes that blenders favour from this distillery. With notes of fragrant barley, dried grasses and toasted coriander seeds.

Secret Distillery 2 B2.jpg
Glen Keith B4.jpg

These delicious delights are available from fine retailers now. Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.