Exciting new batches of Bruichladdich (23yo) and Arran (19yo) single malts as well as North British (27yo) grain!

Birds of prey? Ghosts? Crazy flying creatures? Tentacled beings?! No, this isn't a post about Pokémon GO, or even a booze-related version, but you'll still want to catch them all. That's right, we have another bunch of new batches for your whiskydex!

First up it's our fourth batch of Bruichladdich and our first to carry an age statement. In fact, you'll notice that the "cuddly toy!" on the label has become transparent. That's because, like us, Bruichladdich publicly supports the Campaign for Scotch Whisky Transparency. Meanwhile, what we can legally tell you about the age of the whiskies that went into this batch is that they're all at least 23 years old.

Now, if your thinking "Hold on, what happened to Batch 3?", then congratulations. You, Sir or Madam, are truly paying attention. Not much gets past you, eh? Don't worry, Batch 3 is on the way, this one just happened to be ready first so why make you wait? You see, each TBWC release is naturally in the pipeline for some time and - like the pipeline in The Living Daylights ("Pigs? Borscht? Cake? There must be another way!?") compared to say the pipeline in The World Is Not Enough ("The killer doesn't want to see this pipeline continue!") - pipelines come in different lengths and, like life, can be "full of small challenges".

Speaking of James Bond films, as we apparently now are, here's our third batch of North British single grain whisky - a 27 year old - featuring a sinister super genius who perhaps wouldn't look entirely out of place in said franchise, along with his Persian. He's still listening to his henchman's report on the progress of the 20ft chickens, but the flying monkeys seem to be coming along well.

Last, but by no means least, it's Batch 6 of Arran single malt - a 19 year old! What's that? What happened to Batch 5? You really are an observant bunch, aren't you? Nothing to do with pipelines or poorly disguised secret agent segues this time, though - Batch 5 was actually an exclusive for all the awesome people who attended Dramboree 2016 (if a whisky weekend in Scotland run for - and by - true lovers of Scotch whisky sounds like it might be right up your street then keep your eyes peeled to their site and social media accounts for announcements about next summer's event, probably early in the new year).

These beauties are available from fine retailers now, both at locations you can set your GPS to and find on a map and also online. (That's right, it's possible to have them delivered to your door - they practically catch themselves!) Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.