Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest Batch: 3

Released: June 2016

Latest Batch Age: 18 Years Old

Latest Batch Size: 154

Latest Batch ABV: 52.5%

RRP: £64.95

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The 1800s weren’t kind to Benrinnes, one of the many whisky distilleries in the Speyside region. First it was destroyed by a flood, then its owner went bankrupt, then its new owner went bankrupt too, and then it was ravaged by a fire! Luckily, the 1900s have been much nicer for the Benrinnes distillery, and they’ve been able to produce some excellent whiskies. Up until 2007/2008, they practiced partial triple distillation, which you can learn all about from Pete McPeat and Jack Washback on the label of our Benrinnes. Or, at least you can learn about it from one of them, anyway.

Tasting notes:

Nose: A mixture of fresh flowers, sweet baked goods and orchard fruit. Quite buttery.

Palate: Cake-y in many ways - you've got brownies, sponge cake and a touch of chocolate and caramel tart. A slight whisper of smoke hides behind it.

Finish: Lingering chilli-chocolate and pastry.