Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest Batch: 3


Latest Batch Age: 26 Years Age

Latest Batch Size: 85

Latest Batch ABV: 49.2%

RRP: £119.95


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History boffins will understand what’s going on with the label of our Tullibardine. Or maybe they won’t. It’s a pretty specific thing to know, in all honesty. Ok, so, back in the day, King James IV was being coronated. On the way to his coronation. he stopped to buy some beer (you can’t turn up empty-handed to your own coronation) from a brewer who was brewing on the same site that the Tullibardine distillery was built on in 1949! He seems happy with his purchase, but reckons it might be better if they distilled it...

Tasting notes:

Nose: Rather bourbon-like! Lots of vanilla, lots of charred oak. Slight tropical fruit elements, too.

Palate: Exotic herbs and spices, with bundles of oily nuts and intense citrus.

Finish: Even more vanilla develops on the finish.