New York Distilling Co.

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New York Distilling Co.


Style: Rye

Latest Batch: 1

Released: June 2017

Latest Batch Age: 2 Years Old

Latest Batch Size: 600

Latest Batch ABV: 53.0%

RRP: £37.95

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The earliest distilleries in Brooklyn date back to the 1700’s  but it wasn’t until 2011 that Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Tom Potter and cocktail and spirits expert Allen Katz got together and founded The New York Distilling Company.

Rye whiskey was the prevalent spirit of the NE States but largely disappeared after prohibition. The New York Distilling Company are part of its revival. Their rye is selected and grown exclusively by Pedersen Family Farm in the Fingerlakes Region of Upstate New York - a good 5 hour drive from Brooklyn.

 What’s with the big apple? Go figure! (OK,  so the first batch from the NYDC has been finished in an Apple Jack Cask)

Tasting note:

Nose: Chalkboard dust, cherries, and sweet fairground toffee apples. There’s herbal elements too, fresh oregano, basil and a hint of spearmint.

Palate: There's an initial fruity sweetness, which is promptly followed by the expected rye spices building quickly, then softening to red liquorice with hints of raspberry and cigar box cedar.

Finish: Mouthwateringly fruity, drying, leaving the cedar wood.