Carsebridge B2.jpg
Carsebridge B2.jpg



Style: Single Grain Whisky

Latest Batch: 2

Released: March 2017

Latest Batch Age: 52 Years Old

Latest Batch Size: 285

Latest Batch ABV: 41.7%

RRP: £231.95

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Two men walk into a bar. One of them is Tristan Stephenson. The other is Thomas Aske. The bar is Black Rock. They sit at a table, and the table is made of an 18 foot European oak tree trunk with whisky and cocktails ageing inside it. We’re not making a joke here; this is just awesome stuff from real life that exists (for real). Anyway, that’s the scene on our label of rare Carsebridge single grain, from a distillery that's been closed since 1983!

Want to know something else cool? On the back label of this whisky there's a voucher for a secret off-menu cocktail at Black Rock!

Tasting notes:

Nose: Rich wells of butterscotch and floral oak. Very easy to spend 20 minutes or more just nosing it.

Palate: Cigar box and oodles of toffee. A slight hint of chocolate gateau, too.

Finish: Honeycrisp apples and masses of fudge.