That Boutique-y Whisky Company teams up with some of the world’s best distilleries and pet nutritionists to create and independently bottle ‘whisky’ for dogs under the brand That Boutique-y Canine Company!

UPDATE: Sorry poochy pals - this announcement definitely had something to do with today's date being the 1st of April...

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Sharing whisky is one of life’s true pleasures. Up until now, only humans have been able to bond over a dram, cementing friendship over a love of the water of life. Now, for the first time ever, dog lovers can share their favourite dram with their four-legged friends, thanks to clever developments in pet nutrition and our vision to spread whisky love to everyone whether they have two legs or four!

Introducing That Boutique-y Canine Company! How does it work? Whisky is bad for dogs! We agree. By working closely with nutritionists from Dynamite Dog Dietics, we have found a way to molecularly bond flavour compounds commonly found in whisky to proteins in organic chicken, venison and rabbit (meats identified as providing the most nourishment to dogs). Through cooking this meat at a high temperature, the modified juice can be extracted, resulting in a liquid that looks like whisky with similar aromas, but is totally free from alcohol, and offers the highest nutritional values.

Not only can you share a dram with your beloved best friend, but the perfect balance of water, protein and the vitamins and minerals from the flavour compounds can help promote a shiny, glossy coat (for your dog, you should probably stick to our regular whisky).

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The first batch of our That Boutique-y Canine Company bottlings for dogs features a range of whiskies, taking in the incredible spectrum of aromas and flavours found in drams across Scotland and beyond:

Invergordoggie: The lightest of our Canine Whiskies, mainly extracted from organic chicken. Perfect for your dog while you indulge in the outstanding Invergordon 42 Year Old. Just 300 bottles are available in the first batch.

Aberfetchy: A sweet, juicy Canine Whisky, mimicking the fruits inherent in classic Aberfeldy, thanks to the whisky’s long fermentation time. For your dog’s human companion, pair with our Aberfeldy 21 Year Old. Our largest outturn, there are 600 bottles available.

Clyneleash: Extracted from meats cooked for longer to preserve the waxy character that Clynelish expressions are known for. Pour this for your pooch while you sit back with our Clynelish 24 Year Old bottling. 350 bottles have been made available.

Highland Bark: Not forgetting the smoky island malts, we worked with Dynamite Dog Dietics to keep the phenol count high even after the flavour compounds were molecularly bonded with the meats. This was our most challenging Canine Whisky to create, and we’ve proudly paired it with our Highland Park expression, with. 450 bottles available.

Beagle Rare: Take your pooch beyond Scotland without the need for a pet passport with the incredibly soft, inherently sippable Beagle Rare. A treat for dogs everywhere, and far more readily available than its American whiskey counterpart!

Himilayamazaki: The rarest of our Canine Whisky expressions, Himilayamazaki is made with mountain water from Japan to boost the mineral content for your dog. Because of the limited supply of this water, just 50 bottles are available. Humans can sip Japanese Blended Whisky #1 alongside their hounds to max out the enjoyment!

While That Boutique-y Canine Company bottlings are only suitable for dogs, we plan to roll  out whiskies for other pets in due course, including as That Boutique-y Whiskers Company, That Boutique-y Rodent Company and even That Boutique-y Equine Company for whisky-loving equestrians. Watch this space!

Each bottle of TBWC For Dogs is available in 500ml formats to complement our human TBWC bottlings. Prices start from £19.99, available from all good pet stores soon!