Inchgower B1.jpg
Inchgower B1.jpg



Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest Batch: 1

Released: March 2018

Latest Batch Age: 26 Years Old

Latest Batch Size: 285

Latest Batch ABV: 48.7%

RRP: £199.95

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You've heard of bird-watching. Well now, there's goat-watching. You might think that there is just one type of goat - the kind that chew on tins - but you'd be wrong. There's alpine goats, pygmy goats, saanen goats, mountain goats, The Mountain Goats, boer goats, rove go... What? Oh, yes, look in wonder upon our very handsome bottling of Inchgower! This excellent single malt from the Speyside reason features a goat on the label, which looks like an adult male kiko goat judging from the horns and [Editor's note: our writer continued writing about goats for about three hours after this, so we cut it off here. Just look at the whisky. It's nice.].

Tasting notes:

Nose:  Fresh apples drizzled in toffee and chocolate, greengages and some flinty hints.

Palate: Black pepper, toasted crumpets with butter, nutty malt.

Finish: Waxy orange peels, more green apple, honey.