Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest Batch: 2

Released: June 2015

Latest Batch Age: NAS

Latest Batch Size: 58

Latest Batch ABV: 52.4%

RRP: £72.95

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Fettercairn (the town) is home to Fettercairn (the distillery), and it has been since 1824. They use an inventive method of making a lighter style of spirit - when they’re collecting the middle cut, the run cool water (not the fragrance) along the outside of the still’s neck, which increases reflux, resulting in a lighter spirit. Science in action. The chaps on the label of our Fettercairn appear to be judging cairns. Looks like one of them likes the larger one.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Fresh apples, taken straight from the orchard, sliced and given a little sprinkle of baking spice.

Palate: Carrot cake, Soreen with lots of butter, black pepper.

Finish: Now they've gone and toasted the Soreen!