Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest Batch: 1

Released: June 2015

Latest Batch Age: NAS

Latest Batch Size: 148

Latest Batch ABV: 49.2%

RRP: sold out

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Though it may look difficult to pronounce (and it certainly does take us a second every time to make sure we’ve written it correctly), Craigellachie is actually rather simple and fun to say; craig-ELL-ack-ee. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Their whisky is also rather exciting indeed - did you know that they’re one of the few distilleries to continue using a worm tub to cool the vapours once they come out of the still? It’s part of what makes their whisky so deliciously meaty! If you take a look at the label for our Craigellachie you can see a very accurate picture of a worm tub, complete with giant worm on top... Sorry, what’s that? … Worm tubs don’t actually have giant worms attached to them, they just kind of look like worms a bit? … Oh.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Peppery red grapes with a hint of smoke and charred meat.

Palate: Baked bananas with exotic fruits and biscuit. Hints of charred oak.

Finish: Brown sugar with tangerine.