Style: Single Malt Whisky

Latest Batch: 1

Released: June 2013

Latest Batch Age: NAS

Latest Batch Size: 127

Latest Batch ABV: 44.7%

RRP: £76.95

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The Auchroisk distillery was built in 1974 by the folks from Justerini & Brooks (who you may know from the tasty J&B Rare) to produce whisky for blending. However, the whisky ended up being pretty gorgeous as a single malt, which is a rather lovely outcome of it all! Notoriously difficult to pronounce, Auchroisk. You’ll want to say it like ‘OH-thrusk’ - go on, say it. Say it. Say. It. 

Anyway, yes. Our Auchroisk label features a zombie apocalypse on it. Why? Because we wanted it to. Recognise any disgruntled zombies in the hoard?

Tasting notes:

Nose: Rather jammy with raspberry, alongside a sweet, herbaceous hint of sugar beet and mint leaf.

Palate: The raspberry jam has transformed into strawberry jam, with big ol' bits of juicy strawberry in it for good measure. Hints of scone and clotted cream too, with a touch of oak along the way.

Finish: Fresh mint leaves return for a sweet finish.

Highland - NAS - 2013 Independent Bottlers' Challenge - Silver Batch 1

Highland - NAS - 2013
Independent Bottlers' Challenge - Silver

Batch 1