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Cooley B1.jpg



Style: Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Latest Batch: 1

Released: March 2017

Latest Batch Age: 17 Years Old

Latest Batch Size: 390

Latest Batch ABV: 48.5%

RRP: £98.95

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It's a delicious single malt whiskey from Ireland's Cooley distillery! On the label you can see their spirit safe, except... Wait... How does that even work? It looks like there's three pipes, but there's actually two? Then there's three again if you look closely,  but if you look even more closely there's only two!? We're confused. Help.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Cookie dough and Sugar Puffs. A few hints of dried apricot and almond develop.

Palate: After Eight mints, anise, raspberry coulis and a lingering note of buttered toast.

Finish: Drying nutmeg and dark chocolate. A hint of fruity coffee.